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May 2019

AJN Local Heroes and Be Inspired Youth GALA & AWARDS 2019

The Association of Jamaican Nationals Birmingham (UK) is proud to be holding its 2019 Local Heroes and Be Inspired Youth Awards on 12th October. This year Gala will recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements of what is the best of the Caribbean Diaspora and the wider British community in the development and sustainability of the British way of life.

This event will celebrate the positive virtues of Jamaican culture and its diverse people and the contribution to the economic, social, and political and community life of the United Kingdom.

'Positive Black Networking' | Society '19 (For Projects over £50K Investment) Birmingham



We are going to be speaking to all you budding Entrepreneurs in BIRMINGHAM.
This is the 'Positive Black Networking' | Society, for Black Entrepreneurs who wish to secure over £50K in Investment or Sponsorship for their current Product or Service area.


                                                                                  HCCU Viral broadcast.

Britain's First Black Police Officer talk & Lock-up tour

This lock-up evening tour includes a one hour talk by retired Cumbrian officer Ray Greenhow on the life and service of John Kent - Britain's first black police officer. John Kent's service with Cumberland Police from 1835 - 1846 pre-dates the 1960s when it was thought that black and Asian police officers were first recruited in the UK. Ray has written a fascinating book on the life on John Kent which will also be for sale at the event.

Yindi Curls Curly Kid Masterclass:

Yindi Curls Curly Kid Masterclass: 


Brought to you by kids hair workshop facilitator Yindi Curls & Hosted by Hair Blogger & Youtuber UK Curly Girl.

Yindi Curls Curl Kid Masterclass is a full day group hair masterclass designed to offer support and advice to parents/carers of particularly – although not exclusively black and mixed heritage children who want to learn more about the techniques, products, and tools needed to care for their child's hair more effectively.


One of the Midland's most successful jazz artists, Alvin Davis comes to The REP to celebrate the launch of his new album Make A Stance.

Make A Stance sees Alvin at the top of his game, delivering soulful sax melodies amidst a lush backdrop of rhythms and beats that draw from his experiences around the globe. The album showcases an artist that is constantly evolving his craft, even after decades in the business.

One Under

When a young man jumps in front of a train Cyrus is driving, the mysterious circumstances prompt him to search for answers. In pursuing the truth of Sonny's final hours, Cyrus is led to laundrette worker Christine, as the past begins to catch up with people whose lives
are changed forever.