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July 2019

Pharaohs Unveiled and Q&A with Film Director Menelik Shabazz

About the film: 
This groundbreaking feature documentary by Menelik Shabazz brings a unique insight into the spirituality and beliefs of the ancient Pharaohs. The film combines interviews and ancestral information to change the media narrative about ancient Kemet (Egypt). This civilization is the foundation of world knowledge and religions including Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It is a Blackman's story that has never been told.


This Jamaican musician Chronixx is one of the hottest and most in-demand reggae artists of his generation. He has ignited a torch in people's hearts the world over and is confidently lighting the path for an entire generation to rediscover roots and culture.

His very special guest is the hottest new sensation Koffee. This 5’0, self-described “sing-jay-guitarist” is one of the most exciting, forward-thinking, globally focused teenage talents to emerge from 2018

Performing together for the first time in Birmingham, expect a great and enjoyable show.

‘An Audience with’ with Chris Eubank

ShowFighter, supported by Goldstar bring to you, Chris Eubank for an exclusive ‘An Audience with’ event in Birmingham in 2019.

The former WBO middleweight and WBO super middleweight champion of the world will evoke a rollercoaster of emotions as he shares the highs and lows of a spectacular sporting career and an extraordinary life.

African Fashion Exhibition Reception 2019

African clothing apparels and intricate interior designs made from kitenge, batik, ankara, madclothhave the last years gone viral to reach a global network that ranges from high end designers to boutiques and in-home clothing stores. This fabrics rich of colours are more than a fashion statement, also about expressing identity, individuality, African culture, heritage and visual power of the materials.

From Boys To Men Motivational Event and Open Day for 13-19 year old boys



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