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What Is Black History To You?

History is written by the victors, which is why it is so hard to find positive history facts on people of colour. But they will tell you all about slavery which they claim they are sorry for but when you hear about slavery how does it make you feel...? Angry? Sad? Confused? So you just being taught about the negative sides of black history is putting black people down almost saying that we were never good enough.

But yet people are people regardless of the colour of your skin if we cut ourselves we bleed, if we're hurt we'll cry, we all have the same emotions we all feel pain, hurt, anger and happiness.

In the UK every day there are children as young as 10 years old killing (shooting & stabbing) and being killed and the majority is black on black. They say this because there are no positive black role models.

How much more positive would it be to say to ALL children and adults look at Walter Tull, Mary Prince, Mary Seacole, Bessie Coleman, Dr Daniel Hale Williams, Madam C J Walker, Henry Blair, George Washington Carver, Sarah Boone, John Hanson, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks and the list this endless, these people endured slavery, racism, segregation, and so much more, but yet they all over came these barriers and still achieved amazing things and all have contributed so much to world history not just black history.

Most of these great people couldn't even read or write and would have to sign with an X. So if these great heroic icons can achieve what they did in their time then any of us can achieve what we want in this time!!

Recognize is about restoring positive black heroic icons back to their rightful place and Recognizing them for all their great successes and achievements.

If you know or have children, you are a young adult, or a big adult this is for you black, white, yellow or brown! Its world history and its REAL positive role models!

Recognize would like to present the re-launch of our monthly Black history event. Now in conjunction with the Drum.

Recognize will be held every first Sunday of the month at The Drum.

An event for anyone looking to learn and discuss the very rarely discussed topic of black history.  Come and join us as we Recognize the untold history of our forgotten heroes, entrepreneurs, and many more achievements of significant black people in history.

Each month will be an interactive event fun for all ages with quizzes, presentations, discussions and films.