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The SS Empire Windrush Legacy & Celebration Ball

The Windrush Legacy & Celebration Ball

In 1948, after World War II, Britain was unable to be self-sustainable and so invited people form the Caribbean, on the Empire Windrush to come and help rebuild the nation. It means that Empire Windrush had the dubious title of reminding Britain of its own weakness, but a weakness that it has turned a broken nation into one with a collective strength, as Windrush marks a point of origin in which any non-white British Citizen could become a source of national pride.

Windrush day is important for it marks the beginning of a transition, from an isolated country with nearly unmatched power but no support, to a country that was broken without it, to a time where cultural division is a mark of its competitive and self-sustained strength, and for that, Windrush Day should be celebrated.

We are pleased to announce our legacy and celebration ball to honour the pioneers. Tickets are available from Recognize.

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