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Black History Month - October 2014

October is Black History Month and once again, we are fully able to recognise  and  celebrate the talents and achievements of our ancestors in regards to their contributions to society.  As each year passes, we discover more important facts and dates in regards to ancestors and the number of events in celebration of Black History Month appears to have grown.

BHM 2014 is a particularly special year as Recognize has specifically been involved in promoting and celebrating the achievements of the African Caribbean's contribution to World War One. Recognize has participated in a number of events around the country paying tribute to West Indian & African servicemen's courageous war efforts.

Recognize would also like to pay tribute to two legendary figures who have contributed tremendously to Black History. Nelson Mandela (1918 -2013 ) and Maya Angelou (1928-2014) are extraordinary black people who have excelled at the top of their respective fields with true determination and bravery in regards to the fight against social injustice. They will be sadly missed. 

As part of the BHM celebrations, Recognize will be taking it's annual trip to the International Slavery museum in Liverpool. This is the fifth year and the trip continues to surpass our expectations in regards of people exploring knowledge and education learning opportunities. As well as trips to the International Slavery museum in Liverpool, Recognize have also visited the British Museum in London. Of particular interest is the tour of the African artifacts exhibition mainly from the Egyptian and West African civilisations to the Do not miss out on you chance to witness Britain's contribution to the Slavery cause. Please  see below in order to purchase tickets.

Happy Black History Month.