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World War One - Centenary

World War One has also been portrayed as a predominately European war between the four superpowers at the time and very little is known about the contribution made by the many of the commonwealth countries particularly the West Indies, Africa and Asia to the war. The contribution made by these countries has always been downplayed by the media and history books have all, but omitted the contribution made by black servicemen. The centenary of World War One in June 2014, has led to a concerted effort by a number of black organisations in highlighting and recognising the contribution made by countries such as Jamaica, Barbados Ghana and Nigeria to name just a few.

The concluding event of the Commonwealth games was the Commonwealth special service held at Glasgow Cathedral to remember the fallen and their sacrifice. The event was held to mark the centenary of the start of the World War 1. Recognize alongside Why Are West Indians Project ( partner organisation) played a pivotal role by taking part in the parade.  Garry Stewart (Recognize spokesperson) stated that Recognize have also participated in a number of ceremonies and events around the UK in order to develop awareness of the including attending parades in Birmingham, London and Glasgow.

Recognize will continue to work alongside partner agencies to ensure that a whole new generation continue to learn about the war efforts made by black service men.