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Stories of Omission The conflict and experiences of Black soldiers in the First World War

Stories of Omission: Conflict and the experience of Black soldiers

Recognize Black Heritage & Culture and University of Birmingham

Stories of Omission set out to explore the representation of Black soldiers during and after the Great War. We wanted to find out about the types of information available to the general
public but, perhaps more importantly, what stories were missed out, hidden, ignored or disregarded, with the intention of ‘rectifying the omission’.

Many of the projects that have addressed the subject of soldiers from African and Caribbean countries have tended to focus on the stories of individuals. This project takes a wider perspective and explores the representation of Black soldiers and the stories and narratives told, or not told, around those soldiers who came from the Caribbean and Africa. What information was available to the public and what was missed out, hidden, ignored or disregarded?

You can download the PDF version of the event here. Please share with friends, families, schools, colleges, and any organisations or institutions.

Garry can be booked to deliver presentations on this topic as a follow-up.

Download the Stories of Omission booklet and view the project film on