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A Prayer for Charleston......By Jamila Davis

A response to Charleston Church Shooting


By Jamila Davis


Grey fades to black. 

The weight of the world on your back. 
No day, no sunlight, just black and cold. Like a bitter winters night. 
Media full of death and disrespect. Normally positive and quick to up lift. 
But today. Worried about my childrens future. 
How are they gonna live?

What a sick world they're growing up in. People being tortured, dying for the colour of their skin and not for what shows outwardly, from within.Why can't the world close their eyes and see with their hearts?

Cause where not really that far apart. 

Its all an illusion. The lies are fake. 
They won't stop until we are awake. 
All designed to create war. Manipulation. To reduce the worlds population. 
To increase their grip. 
Make absolutely sure they have control over us all. 
No matter the colour of our skin. 
Or the country we live in.

Today it just hurts. Today I feel pain. Today I feel rage, but look.
It's got us turning on each other again. 
It hurts, I'm tired and feel weak. Tomorrow. 
Tomorrow, I'll be strong and have some fight but today. Tonight.....................