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Dear Youngers

Thursday, 30 May, 2019 - 18:00 to 20:00


Many young men feel constrained by a very narrow range of options in terms of ‘how to act like a man’ as they move away from their family and towards independence in their local neighbourhoods. Some young men describe this as caught in a ‘push and pull’ between family values and ‘pressures to get into bad company’ in local neighbourhoods (home and the road).

Our aim is to raise the standards and aspirations of the next generation by using the older generation & peers to share stories, experiences and journeys.


For young men 16+


Time: 6.15pm til 8pm


Venue: The Transformation Centre (Lounge), Aston Cross, Birmingham  B6 5RQ (directly opposite Office Outlet formally Staples)


Programme aspects:

  • Relatable male role model
  • Culturally and psychologically informed space
  • Promoting strength - based dialogue on wellbeing
  • Breaking down social isolation
  • Social and emotional competencies promoting good mental health
  • Empowerment and co-production


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