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September 2014

Event 17/01/15 - Martin Luther King Day, Birmingham

17th January 2015 - Dr Martin Luther King Jr Tribute showcase marking Martin Luther King day at the Library of Birmingham.

Some of Birmingham’s outstanding artists and influential speakers pay tribute to the iconic American Civil Rights Leader. We gather to remember his journey, legacy and as one strive to achieve his Dream!

Event 26/10/14 - International Slavery Museum, Liverpool

26th October 2014 - Recognize day trip to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool.

Recognize's trip to the International Slavery Museum in Liverpool is thought provoking day of reflection.

We will be departing from outside The Drum 144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UU at 8:00am.

Our luxury coaches are fully equipped with reclining seats, seat-belts,on board toilet, two TV's so you can sit back and relax and appreciate your day. 

Event 24/10/14 - Black Soldiers and WW1, Library of Birmingham

Black Soldiers and WW1 Hosted by Recognize Black History & Culture in partnership with Voices of War & Peace at the Library of Birmingham.

2014 marks the centenary of the First World War and there have been a series of events across the UK and around the world to commemorate the lives of those who lived, fought and died during this time. While often overlooked, African and Caribbean men and women from the Commonwealth played a key role in the First World War, sacrificing their lives to stand alongside the ‘mother country’ Great Britain.

World War One - Centenary

World War One has also been portrayed as a predominately European war between the four superpowers at the time and very little is known about the contribution made by the many of the commonwealth countries particularly the West Indies, Africa and Asia to the war. The contribution made by these countries has always been downplayed by the media and history books have all, but omitted the contribution made by black servicemen.

Black History Month - October 2014

October is Black History Month and once again, we are fully able to recognise  and  celebrate the talents and achievements of our ancestors in regards to their contributions to society.  As each year passes, we discover more important facts and dates in regards to ancestors and the number of events in celebration of Black History Month appears to have grown.